Ever wondered how you could help Amitabha Hospice but don’t have the time or interest to be a Volunteer Caregiver? Maybe you are / have been involved with us in any other way and still like to continue supporting us.

How about becoming a “Friend of Amitabha Hospice”?
We would love to have your friendship and help in so many ways:
Would you like to offer your professional expertise?
Would you like to help with fundraising?
Would you like to help grow our monthly income with small regular donations?
Would you like to help with research and development?
Would you like to help in our garden?
Would you like to help with transportation?
Would you like to be a part of our day-stay groups?
Would you like to help with anything we haven’t thought of?
All of our Friends enjoy coming to the Friends of Amitabha social events and meeting other kind, thoughtful, warmhearted people – as well as fostering an inner sense of compassion and altruism while giving back to the community and having lots of laughs!
We help patients and families every day! Now YOU can help us make a difference by becoming a Friend of Amitabha Hospice.
“Friends of Amitabha Hospice kindly contribute their time and valuable skills helping us with any of these things (the list) once a month or they make a $20 donation once a month (that’s less than $1a day) or a yearly donation of your choice.
Click on this link to begin your journey with Friends of Amitabha: (application link)
For more information please ring Anjalee ph 828-3321 or email amitabha.hospice@gmail.com