Amitabha Hospice needs more Peaceful Passing Companions.

Peaceful Passing Companions are special volunteers who have been trained to give spiritual support to people of any religion or no religion when they are facing the end of their life or a serious health crisis that brings up spiritual questions. Amitabha Hospice has been offering this service since 2011.

This Peaceful Passing Companion training is taught with the applicants who wish to become NZ Buddhist Chaplains.

Application close 7 June. So please apply asap. Pls use the outline below to answer the application questions. Some are different for Buddhists who are applying to do the Buddhist Chaplaincy and non-Buddhists who applying to do the Peaceful Passing.

The course will held on Friday 23, Sat 24 & Sun 25 June from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm at Amitabha Hospice in Auckland.

The cost of the course will be determined by the number of participants in order to cover the costs.

The facilitators for the course will be:

  • Ecie Hursthouse – Managing Director of Amitabha Hospice, Executive member of the NZ Buddhist Council, Co-founder of Peaceful Passing, NZ Buddhist Chaplain
  •      Ven Khadro – Spiritual Program Coordinator for Root Institute, Bodhgaya India, Co-founder of Peaceful Passing, NZ Buddhist Chaplain

Lecturers from different Buddhist and religions and cultural traditions will explain their values and practices.

Some of the material that will be covered during this course will be:

  • A brief history of Buddhist Chaplaincy in the world
  • Overview of different Buddhist traditions and different world religions.
  • The culture of care and dying from a medical view – how physical health problems affect people and their spiritual needs
  • Building pastoral identity, as participants reflect on their own spiritual journey, while accompanying others on theirs
  • Developing one’s ability to assess patient’s specific concerns arising from different cultural, spiritual, socioeconomic and psychological backgrounds
  • Compassionate communication

Please apply to Ecie at by Sunday 7 May with complete details of the following:

For Buddhist Chaplaincy training pl supply:

  • Your motivation for becoming a Buddhist Chaplain.
  • Your volunteer experience or other relevant work experience.
  • Education and training relevant to counselling, listening skills and Buddhism.
  • Pls say where and how will you plan to utilise the skills and knowledge acquired.
  • Please provide two Buddhist references with contact details if applying for NZ Buddhist Chaplaincy.
  • Please include your Buddhist tradition or lineage and years of practice.


  • Amitabha Hospice Volunteers who are applying for Peaceful Passing Companion training need to state what religion you practice or how spirituality is important to you.
  • Your motivation for becoming a Peaceful Passing Companion.
  • How long you have been a Volunteer with Amitabha Hospice and the significance of that experience for you.
  • Please provide two referees with contact details.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange an interview in May. 

You may write or phone me for more information.

Kind regards,
Ecie Hursthouse